Advanced technology tools

Advanced technology tools

In the Daily growing technology market, a variety of tools are introduced now and then. Each tool is designed to help people accomplish the tasks that are easy for applications.

Advanced technology tools

He following is some of the new tools in the daily that are used now a day.

Nixci Selfi

Selfi is one the most popular now a days. This nixci selfi is the most advanced tool for selfi lovers. Christophe kosstal developed this nixci selfi tool.

Wearable tool

The new Nixie selfi can be wearied in hand. At time of taking selfi the nixie can be thrown into air and it will start to fly and it takes selfi in flying mode. Currently the new Nixie selfi is at manufacturing stage ad soon it will be introduce to market sale.

Print Smartphone case

To print pictures taken in selfi. By using this print smartphone case the pictures can be printed easily. These cases were developed by the French company. The printer case can be connected through the Bluetooth device and it takes only 50 seconds to print the pictures.

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