Exhilarating Xiaomi

Exhilarating Xiaomi

Xiaomi is the India’s most fast growing Chinese company mobile, the company has been considered as an alternative to the apple brand in china. The Xiaomi Company works on smartphone design and also other mobile accessories and tools such as the mobile processor, Power bank and the camera.

Exhilarating Xiaomi

Xiaomi is the third largest company that manufactures smartphones in the world in a short span of time. The following are some of the exhilarating information of the Xiaomi Company.

Meaning of Xiaomi

Accordign the buddist myth xiaomi is reffred as the rice and the logo MI is the abbrivation of mobile phones.


The design of the Xiaomi smartphones and its quality is considered as the Apple of china.

Top management

The top management of the Xiaomi Company are the former employees of the Google corporation.

3rd position

Xiaomi is the third largest company to produce smartphone in the world and also xiaomi stands first in Asia as the leading producers of smartphones in the Asian continent.

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