Interesting facts about Ambassador Car

Interesting facts about Ambassador Car

Recently after a long break, I had an opportunity to travel in ambassador car. The trip, put on my old memories of my travel in this car. The following are some of the interesting facts about the car.

Interesting facts about Ambassador Car

Interesting facts about Ambassador Car

Re-patch model

Hindustan motor company is the first car manufacturing company in India. The company re-patches the moirés oxford car models. The third generation re-patch model is known by Ambassador. The first generation re-patch model of the Hindustan motors is known as Hindustan 10 and the second generation re-patch model is known as Hindustan 14 or Land master. The modified second generation re-patch model is the ambassador.


The first car manufactured in India is at Gujarat Hindustan Manufacturing unit. In 1948 the manufacturing unit was shifted to West Bengal from Gujarat with a advanced manufacturing unit. In 1958 the first ambassador car was manufactured at the new manufacturing unit at west Bengal.

First diesel Car

India’s first diesel car is the first generation re-patch model, Hindustan 10. The model has a 1,489CC B-series diesel engine.


In a total, about 16% sales for Hindustan motors is from the Government. The ambassador was the first choice of all government heads and officials. Not only for the government officials the ambassador was the chariot of the poor and also it is used as emergency vehicle in all corners of the nation.

Interesting facts about Ambassador Car!!!

Record in manufacturing and sales

In 1984, manufacturing of ambassador has reached the peak of one Lakh. Continuing that in 2004, the car sale reached a new milestone of 9 Lakh.

Best Taxi

In the year 2013, Top Gear gave the world’s best Taxi award to ambassador car.


The model imported from England had a grand success in India. Up to 1993 the ambassador car manufactured at the west Bengal were exported to England. After that the export is stopped as the sale rate was declined at England.

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