Launch of Honda CB Hornet 160R bike

Launch of Honda CB Hornet 160R bike

Honda Company has arranged the revpest function at all major cities all over India. At this function all new bike models were introduced to the Indian market by the Honda Motorcycle Company. The ‘Hornet’ is a popular Honda nameplate under which the company sells bikes ranging from 250cc to 900cc in global markets.

Launch of Honda CB Hornet 160R bike

At this function, the Honda CB Hornet 160R bike is introduced as an alternate for the Honda CB Trigger. Already, the scales of Honda Unicorn 160 bike is at its peak in market and now to strength the sale rate in market the Honda motorcycle company is to launch the new CB hornet 160R bike. The following are the special features of the new bike.

Bike appearance

Grandeur and fitness are concentrated on the design of the new CB Hornet 160R bike. Sharpe headlight, majestic petrol tank is ahead of embodiment. The new model is slight premium than the Honda Unicorn model. The Honda CB Hornet 160R takes its design inspiration from the CX-01 concept that made its debut at the 2014 delhi auto expo.

Unicorn Engine

The new Honda CB Hornet 160R has the same engine as in the Honda Unicorn. The new bike has 160CC single acting Cylinder air cooled engine.

Launch of Honda CB Hornet 160R bike

High Power

The Engine of the Bike has a maximum speed of 14.5 HP at 8,000 rpm and 14 Nm torque is produced. The bike has a 5 speed Gearbox. The engine can produced more power than the engine of Honda Unicorn.

Other Features

The bike has special features such as LCD digital cluster, Disk-brake system with Combi brake system, LED Tail light and wide tiers

Price rate of the bike

The new Honda CB Hornet 160R bike will be introduced to sale in market at rupees 5000 more than that of the price of Honda Unicorn. The estimated Price rate of the bike is 90.000 rupees.

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