Influence of west and east chalukya in chola empire

Influence of west and east chalukya in chola empire


West Chalukya are the great enemies to Cholas all times similar to the fight with Pandias. In the medival Cholas period, Pandias are defeated by Rajaraja and by his ancestors and successors. So, in this time Chalukyas of west are always waited for the opportunity to capture Chola dynasty as it has very vast conquest in India and also in overseas countries like Sumatra, Java, Sri Vijaya and many small islands. The Chalukyas of west have a routine way of cunning attack against Cholas by attacking the east Chalukyas. The east Chlaukyas are friendly in relation with Chola as some of the Chola kings married east chalukyas princesses and vice versa.


West Chalukyas are keen to have battle with Chola, but, it is difficult to defeat Chola  kings and also, the army troops is not enough for Chalukyas to meet Chola in war. So, they collected war soliders from east Chalukyas by cunning way. Western civilians created problems with eastern peoples which had disturbed the Chola ruler who is ruling east Chalukyas. These westies brainwashed peoples of east Chalukyas to fight for Independence against Cholas. There were encounters between the Cholas and the Hoysalas who were vassals of the Western Chalukyas.


Chola kings like Rajaraja, Rajendra and few kings invaded west Chalukyas country by many battles. This battle have more weird fights between Chalukyas and Cholas sometimes east Chalukyas too fight against Cholas. In this war, more Chola troops were killed by Chalukyas at the same time, Chalukyas also had a heavy loss in troops that led them to fail in war who got defeated many times against Cholas. It is said that Rajendra of having arrived with a force of 955,000 and of having gone on rampage in against Chalukyas. Thus, the battle between Cholas and Chalukyas continued for many centuries.

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