Launch of new Tata hexa SUV

Launch of new Tata hexa SUV

The concept of the new TATA hexa SUV was in displayed at the Geneva motor show held in the month of March this year.

New TATA Hexa SUV model was based on the design of the TATA ARYA MPV with some modification in their performance and manufacturing. At this stage, the manufacturing of the new TATA Hexa SUV has started its initial stage. The Images of the new TATA Hexa SUV has been given out for the first time. The special features of the new are as follows.

Launch of new Tata hexa SUV


The new design model TATA Heax SUV is of 4,764mm in length, 1,895mm in breth and 1,780mm in height. The SUV model has 2,850 mm wheel pose and also has comfortable large interior space.


Frontal design

The new Hexa SUV is equipped with a newly modified bonnet, Headlight, front grill and a bumper specially to attract the customers. The new Airdome and the snow light cover which gives attractive look for the new model.

Side design

The side body of the SUV has a large wheel arche, 19inch alloy wheel and a high ground clearance that is suitable for all type of roads. These features are as same in the TATA Arya MPV model.


Rear Design

The LED Tail light cluster at the rear end gives a attractive look for the New TATA Hexa SUV. The new model differs from other car models by the modified bumper and the double silencer. In addition to this the Roof Spoilers are also attached to give a fine look for the car.

Launch of new Tata hexa SUV



The new TATA Hexa SUV has a 2.2 liter varicor diesel engine that can produce 154 BHP Power and 400 Nm Torque.


The TATA Hexa SUV concept that is displayed last march is a 6 seater model. But the SUV now manufactured are of 7 or 8 seater models.

Launch of new Tata hexa SUV

Launch of the New SUV

The new TATA Hexa SUV is planned to be launched in the upcoming month of February at the Delhi Auto Expo.

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