M-ZERO – India’s first super car

M-ZERO – India’s first super car

The target of our nation is to be a developed country in the world. The motor vehicle industry still has not achieved its peak in our nation. Developed supreme country have achieved the peak in motor industry by producing Bullet trains and super cars but our nation have not still pass through the initial level in motor revolution.

M-ZERO – India’s first super car

At this juncture, the Mean Metal Motors Company have stepped forward in the production for India first super car known as M-ZERO. The special information of the car as follows.

Design team

The super car is been designed by a team of 4 country including India. Totally 25 members have joined in hand to design and manufacture the India’s first super car.

M-ZERO - India's first super car

Design schedule

The Engineers of Portugal and Italy have joined in hand to design the body of the M-ZERO super cars. The members of England are doing research in developing the features of the super car. The Indian Engineers design the Engine section, gearbox system, Aerodynamics of the car, Electronic system of the car and power saving technology for the new model.

Light Weight

The M-ZERO super cars is to be manufactured by light weight carbon fiber monocoque tub sevi. The carbon fiber gives high strength and reduces the cars weight. Once the design of the outer structure is completed it would be given to various companies for manufacturing.

M-ZERO - India's first super car

AMG Engine

The car will have a mid-engine layout that is the engine will be fixed at the rear end of the car behind the seats. Electric motors are also fixed to give additional power to the car.

High power Electric motor

The M-ZERO super car will have a high power electric motor that can produce 250 BHP power.

Huge Investment

The manufacturing of the new M-ZERO super cars requires a huge investment. Within the month November of this year it is estimated that with a fund of 7 million dollars the prototype of the car will made says Mean Metal Motors CEO.

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