Rajaraja Narendran the young prince of eastern chaluks and son of Vimalathithan-Kundavai couple. Narendran the young prince of east chaluk have a deep relation with his uncle Rajendra. This relation happened in his teen age when the problem between east and west chaluks at peaks. This fight between east and west chaluks have the root in the problem of Vimalan- Kundavai couple, parents of Narendran.


As Kundavai always have a different opinion with her husband, it led to the separation of the couple as Kundavai beaten up Vimalan in a harsh argument. This made Rajendra more anxious so he guessed that soon a war between cholas and chalukyas will occur as the harsh argument between the couples are about their separation. Because Vimalan had other Princess as his queen, neglected Kundavai due to her harsh character. Vimalan not willing to live with Kundavai because hearing the cunning advice of the western chaluk king who planned to defeat Rajendra led to the seperation.


Narendra came to Thanjavur with his mother Kundavai due to issue with her husband. Kundavai wants to kill her husband vimalan because of his betrayal in her married life. With the help of uncle Rajendra, Narendran planned to capture both east and west chaluks and to be a king of East Chalukyas opposing his father.


When reached the border of the chola-chalukya in war, Narendran voluntarily separated himself from his uncle, planned to face the war alone as he is the next king of Chalukyas. This led to more loss to both Narendran and Chola’s troops. Many higher offcials of Rajendra died in this war. This made Rajendra furious than before he fought against Chalukyas bravely, defeated and conquered them. Thus, Narendran got his country back. This is described in the book Gangai Konda Cholan.

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