Kundavai is the daughter of the great king Rajaraja Chola and the younger sister of Rajendra Chola. Kundavai played the main role in Rajaraja‘s and Rajendran’s life in big time. Kundavai the name came from her aunt Kundavai, elder sister of Rajaraja. Rajaraja kept this name as the memory of his sister and being impressed by her character brilliance. But daughter of Rajaraja is opposite of her aunt Kundavai. She is too adamant with her opinions, fight for anything she wants this made a twist in the Chola Empire.


Kundavai loved a Chalukya prince Vimalathithan who came to Thanjavur. He stayed for sometimes in Thiruvarur to visit the Chola culture music, dance etc. During this time Kundavai met him and fall in love then got married to him as Vimalan is the young prince of East Chalukya as those eastern chlukyas are friendly with cholas. After marriage Kundavai is too adamant and anxious with Vimalan as it is her character by birth which gave disrespect to Vimalan. Peoples of east chaluk got attention in this problem which led to problems between chola and chaluk civils.


Kundavai wants her husband to hear her advice but Vimalan was against her opinion as she wanted him to stay within Thanjavur. But in fear of Rajaraja he stayed mute, this made the western chalukyas to use this chance. So they cunningly made many small protest with the eastern civils which had an impact among cholas and the king. Often fights of Vimalan nd Kundavai made distance between chola and east chaluk peoples which led to war where Rajaraja won it with his brilliancy and braveness.

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