Raja raja cholan

Raja raja cholan is the greatest king of chola kingdom in A.D. He is also famously kown as Udayar due to his devotion towards the Lord Shiva. His birth name is Arulmozhivarman. He was born to Parantaka Sundara Chola and Vanavan Maha Devi as a third child in 947 A.D. He has an elder sister Kundavai who is behind his success towards his whole life. Udayar king is always famous for the Brihadisvarar Big Temple built by him in Thanjavur and noted for its excellence in architecture till now.

Rajaraja began his first campaign in the eighth year of his reign where he came to power in 985. Rajaraja destroyed the fleet of the Chera king Bhaskara Ravi Varman and defeated the Pandya king and captured the port of Virinam. Udayar’s regiments were divided into elephant troops, cavalry and infantry and each of these regiments had its own autonomy. Arulmozhi is the one who captured half of the Srilanka in his period and hardly tried to capture the crown of Pandias but his son Rajendran acquired his task after him.

 He is the one who introduced coin economy for trading. He is responsible and the pioneer to scale the land of chola and divide them to peoples for their respective works. The new coins had on the obverse the figure of the standing king and on the reverse the seated goddess. He is the pride of the chola kingdom as he created and maintained Tami culture as well as he can. His Big temple is one of the greatest geographical wonders in the world but it is highly unnoticed by great scholars and normal civilians.

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