Rising Power – Russia

Rising Power – Russia

‘Super Power’ that the United States, Russia and other countries such as the super power countries does not mean that they are not called, but in reality they are destructive force countries and now Russia is rising its power that tensed other super power nations.

Rising Power – Russia

Committed war between the United States, Russia and China

Thus, the destructive forces with sophisticated technology, Russia is interested in the imposition of excessive work and, at the same time, I have no complaints other sophisticated weapons in the mounting receptacle.

Russian ‘robot’ Armed

The strength of the nuclear controversy, so sophisticated super power countries involved in arms collection. So, Russia has bought this year is to arouse great controversy and buy sophisticated weapons.

All the Holocaust: ‘Waiting’ 10 sophisticated weapons

Sliders following the disposal of Russia in 2015 and Russia in the year so far to buy a collection of sophisticated weapons

-24 RS yars

The -24 RS yars (RS-24 Yars) Thermo Nuclear weapon is the new weapon developed by Russia to increase its power over the other nations.

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