Science behind the Temples

Science behind the Temples

Thousands of Temples are in India. In these counting the temples which are placed between each street are not included. These temples are not only built according to Vedha’s but also built by Science.

Science behind the Temples

Some of them ask to the Indians:

“If temple gives good things to your life why can’t you build you in much number of places?”

It is not possible to create temples everywhere with scientific effects. Where we got a Magnetic wave in sufficient measures or above the sufficient measures is the right place to build the Temples. Especially the temples should be designed to have lots of Magnetic energy waves in the God’s main place; actually in Tamil they called the place as “Karpagragam” or “Moolasthanam”.

Science behind the Temples

Most of the temples will start the building after placing the main god of the temple in the Moolasthanam. In that place a copper plate could be fixed under the god’s idol. In the copper plate some lines from Vedha would be printed. In order to improve the magnetic waves this procedure in handled out. And also temples will also constructed with reference to the rotation of earth, so that the magnetic waves from earth’s rotation will give effective results to the humans who starts to roam the karpagragam regularly in anti-clock wise direction. These magnetic waves will give positive thoughts to the peoples which will encourage their life to high level from heart and business point of view.

In karpagragam the lamb carrying with oil would be placed. The reason behind this is, the lamb with fire will produce a heat energy this will also give some more capability to the magnetic waves. The karpagragam have only one exit to emit the magnetic waves at which the devotees will be there to absorb the positive power.

The bell rings will help to focus the mind in a single place & thought and reduce your heart pressure. The flowers with good smell will improve human magnetic power. Anointing from the god’s idol with basil, milk, camphor, ghee, fruit dessert (Panchamirtham), etc., will be mixed with the water. They will carry that water (called theertham) in a copper vessel, this water have strength to resolve the humans teeth problems and others.

While taking the camphor with fire in front of god the magnetic power will propagate in an efficient manner at the time the bell will ring, this scenario will helps to get much amount of positive power from the environment.

Female’s golden ornaments and male’s hairs are having more capability to absorb the power from environment. So that, while entering to the temple peoples will said to remove the shirt for gents and wear lots of gold ornaments. Apart from the above science facts our temples are still having lots of mysteries.


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