Sundaran is the son of Arinjiya cholan who ruled for 12 tears from 958 to 970 AD. He took the crown of the chola instead of Utthama chola as Sundaran has the rights to be crowned as king as he is the son of processor Arinjiyan where Utthama is waiting for his turn for more years. During Sundaran period, the invasion of Pandias increased and captured many places in south of chola. This made him to concern in war against Pandias. His eldest son Aditya Karikala II also joined in this battle of Chevur even at his child age of 12.

Chevur battle had Veerapandiyan as Pandias king which faced huge defeat against chola troops where it is also said in some temple plates that Aditya chased Veerapandiyan out of the battle which made Veerapandiya to hide inside the hills. Then Aditya found him after few days and killed his at his sickness which made the whole Pandia dynasty mourn for years. Sundaran then took battle against Rastrakutas defeated, captured their areas added them into the chola borders.

Sundaran is praised for his management principles while ruling as he had Brammarayar as his adviser. Sundaran improved his troops much more than before. This made the chola army more powerful which helped the future kings of cholas in defeating countries all over India. In his last years S is affected by personal tragedy of losing his son Aditya who had been assasinated by a secret group. This led him more pathetic in his old age and lead to death in 973. Sundaran died in the golden palace of Kancheepuram where his queen Vanavan Mahadevi attempted sati in his death.

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