Tamil culture overview

Tamil culture overview

The property and peace of Tamil people starts with happy living and a happy live begins with healthy culture. Rich and varied heritage of a country make it as a wealthy country.

Great Tamil saint and scholar exclaimed that,

“பண்புடையார் பட்டுண்டு உலகம் அஃதுஇன்றேல்

மண்புக்குக் மாய்வது மண்”

Tamil Literature

Thiruvalluvar is the pride to Tamil and Thirukural is boast to Tamil culture. In his 1330 thoughts he explained total concept and faith of life. Tamil culture is according to the words of Thiruvalluvar.

We can say proudly that even before 2000 years our Tamil Nadu is cultured, and we are having our pure language even before 2000 years. Saint Agastya who is the father of Tamil literature and his disciple wrote grammar for our Tamil language.

Our Tamil language is called as ‘Sanga Tamil’ because of its works, like Ettuthogai, Pathupattu, Naladiyar, Purananuru, Agananuru etc., These works not only reflected our culture, it also explained great kings merciness, kind heart, braveness, our flora and fauna etc.,


These saints also classified landscape as Kurinji (Mountain area), Mullai (Forest area), Marutham (Plains and Fertile land), Neithal (Seashore area) and Paalai (Desert area).

Festivals and gods

The main god of Tamil language is Lord MURUGA. Tamil is the only language in the worlds having an own god for a language. Tamil peoples also worship Amman, Vinayagar, Shiva, Parvathi. These gods having many festivals, in that important is Pongal. It is a four day celebration. Peoples worship for Lord Sun for giving good food and thank him for giving life on earth. It falls on the month of January. They pray the sun god and all deities to give them a glorifying year.

Tamil culture overview - Lord Muruga

Followed by Cattle Pongal, This is to cheer up cattles and to thank them for their products milk, ghee and it is the only animal which helps in farming. So they will decorate it to the most.

The next day is followed by ‘Kaanum Pongal’ – A special occasion to visit our friends and relatives and to have fun with neighbors too. Further they celebrate Tamil New Year on the starting of Chithirai 1 (April month). ‘Aadi peruku’ on the month of August to thank water (River ‘Cauvery’) to give them a fertile land. Karthigai Dheepam to establish the happiness of the good this happened in total years. It is celebrated on the month of December.

We have the right knowledge and morality; it is well known to world. Tamizhan’s respects the guest even it is enemy.

“யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்” From this line we can say that  we are lovers and accepters of peace and friendliness.

Great Kings have built great temples like Rameshwaram Temple, Kalahastheeswarar temple, Brahatheeswarar temple,etc., Many of them placed near Kumbakonam.

We have the rights to rise from the beginning, so keep improving friends….

Article Courtesy : V. Chadurvedi (Assistant Professor) – Tanjore


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