World’s smallest golden phone

World’s smallest golden phone

Usual way of marketing will not give hand to succeed in the fast moving technology world. To overcome this many company are producing smartphones with various new technologies.

World’s smallest golden phone

The following is the information of the new company that made a revolution on the global mobile phone market.

Gold genie

The genie Company for London is famous for producing gold plated devise.


The Genie Company has now produced the Apple and HTC company smartphone cases in gold.

New device

The gold genie company has newly produced the device in the shape of the headphone and also it has a look of the mobile phone.

Made of Gold

The new device is made of 24 carat gold plate. This new mobile phone is the world smallest phone and it work as the other smartphones.

Size smaller than the chocolate

The new gold plated phone is of the size that is smaller than the size of the chocolate.

 Features of the new device

The phone is used to make call and attend the incoming calls and also it has Bluetooth facility that can be connected with earphones and this phone can be used as the mobile and the headphone also.


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